Perfect Paradise The Philippines

Find perfect paradise in the Philippines

I love to travel, and when you’re traveling on a budget, the Philippines is a stunning option. My trip began when I was in Hong Kong and wanted to explore more of Southeast Asia. Only a 2-hour flight away, the Philippines was calling me. On the whole one of the best trips I have taken and I want to convince you to add this little piece of paradise to your bucket list.

The people are what make the Philippines

Undeniably, traveling with friends is so much fun. However, believe me when I tell you that there is so much to gain when you travel alone. If you are a little cautious about traveling alone, I do have some tips. During my former visit to paradise, I explored on my own, independently, and this encouraged me to talk to other travelers, locals, and even strangers. In the Philippines, everybody will greet you with a smile. Don’t just take my word for it, the country was ranked the happiest in Southeast Asia last year. Although all places have certain things to be wary of, I felt safe here as everyone I came across was so welcoming and above all else, kind.

Perfect Paradise The Philippines Explore Manila

Metro Manila: hectic yet the heart of the Philippines

My first stop was naturally, the capital – Manila. Firstly, I found a local guide online to introduce me to the city. Inexpensive & a productive way to use my time, I saw far much more of the city in 3 hours than I would have if I were to wander around for hours alone. This was my first interaction with a local person of the Philippines, and I couldn’t have wished for a better companion. After that, I headed to the local market. Although I bought nothing, I met a market stallholder who I spoke to for some time. I learned about his family, friends he had in other countries, and more about his life. Take the time to meet marvelous people along the way, and find out how many good-hearted, kind people there are.

 Perfect Paradise The Philippines Islands

An abundance of islands

Above all else, when I think of the Philippines, I remember the islands. If you Google a picture of paradise, usually you will see pictures of gorgeous beaches, beside crystal clear water. Now imagine lying on a hammock on this beautiful island. You also have fresh coconut water in hand, that a local man has chopped down from the tree above you. Lastly, you close your eyes and appreciate the silence, only hearing the waves crashing against the shore. I have been there in the Palawan islands doing exactly this. Have I tempted you yet?

The Palawan island is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, exotic wildlife, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you do decide to travel alone to enjoy all of this, I recommend you to join TAO on one of their boat expeditions. Until today, this has been my most incredible experience whilst traveling. Choose from a 3/5/7 day journey and join like-minded travelers as you visit the remote islands of the Philippines. To illustrate, imagine meeting people who have lived on a tiny island their whole life. Yet you watch them enjoy every little element of the simple life. Escape the busy every day, and appreciate the humble life for a while.