Netflix Documentary Expedition Happiness

Netflix Documentary – Expedition Happiness

One of my many passions is to travel and embrace life to the fullest. I was recently browsing Netflix for something to pass the time, if I’m being honest. That’s when I came across a documentary called ‘Expedition Happiness’. Unlike other documentaries on the site, this is not a Netflix Original or a documentary series. Instead, it is a one-off documentary filmed by a couple who decide to pack up their lives and travel, in their search to discover happiness. This is a must-watch for anyone who is feeling adventurous or is simply missing traveling, and wants to live vicariously through the documentary creators, Felix & Mogli.

Netflix Documentary Expedition Happiness Film

Searching for something that is nowhere to be found

Are you one of the lucky ones amongst us, who like the couple, have the opportunity to pack up & go? If you aren’t quite sure where to start, I have some tips on what clothes to take with you to pack lightly. Seeing that this couple gave up their attic apartment for the trip of a lifetime, it’s safe to say that they had a much bigger job to organise their belongings. Whilst watching the Netflix series, what I found amazing about this couple is how brave they were to seize the opportunity and travel whilst they still can. For most of us, we would avoid the opportunity to uproot ourselves as we are ‘comfortable’. However, I question whether being ‘comfortable’ brings the true happiness that we dream of? This is exactly what the couple wanted to unearth through this Netflix documentary.

To outsiders, they may have presented a pretty picture of happiness, with their successful jobs, family closeby, a cute apartment in the city, and their dog Rudi. Nevertheless, we are all searching for ways to explore ourselves. After all, happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. We are all on the journey to find our own version of happiness. For Felix & Mogli, this was to realise their dream of traveling together rather than alone, as Felix had done before in his ‘Pedal the world’ expedition. In which he peddled across 22 countries and over 22,000kms to find the meaning of life.

Netflix Documentary Expedition Happiness Dog

Rudi is the real star of this Netflix show

If like myself, you are a dog lover then you will love to watch the couple’s mountain dog Rudi on his own little journey. Let’s not forget that Rudi who in all his innocence, is really quite ignorant to what is going on. Rudi is ‘just’ a dog but is a vital part of this story. Not only is he one of the most important things to the couple, but he actually changes the path of the entire expedition. Most importantly, what is enlightening is to see how much happiness their dog brings to them. Maybe, happiness actually starts at home.

A constant change of scenery

Oh, how I have missed traveling! What a delight it was to travel through the Netflix documentary. The couple begins their journey in the USA where they collect their old-school American school bus. Here, they spend about 3 months renovating it to suit the needs of their trip. Then they continue their travels to Canada, Alaska (my personal highlight of the trip), and on to Mexico. On the whole, I found entertainment in the people who the couple meet along their way. What’s more, in how nice, hospitable, and happy these people were to help the couple.

Happiness may, after all, be found in others. The man in Mexico who helped to fix the broken bus, or the vet in Canada who helped nurse Rudi back to health, or the stranger in Alaska who provided the couple with food. The Netflix documentary predominantly offers a perspective on searching for happiness through the eyes of one couple from Germany. In summary, it reminds us that despite any setbacks that come our way, there are good people in the world. The happiest people are the ones who make others happy. Wouldn’t you agree?