Travelling to Copenhagen

Have you been to Denmark? Must see in Copenhagen!

Have I mentioned that I love to travel? I’d like to travel around the world, and I have already seen a lot of places! I have a dream to visit at least all the capitals in Europe! Already been a lot around, but this time the plane took me and my friend to Denmark. Let’s take a look at a few must see places in Copenhagen! 

Last minute holiday to Copenhagen!

I love being spontanous and that was also what happened this time! Me and my friend were losely talking about traveling somewhere. It’s been long time since we’ve been abroad – and even longer time before we’ve been abroad together! We started looking at tickets. At the beginning just for fun, but wow. The tickets were so cheap!! So we decided to spontanously take a trip to Copenhagen! Neither of us have ever been before, so we bought the tickets to go the days after! Please call us spontaneous! We were only able to bring a backback, so we really had to pack smart. And that is what I do! Just read my article about packing for holidays! Keep it simple, pack only what you need and bring clothes you can fit together!

The Little Mermaid – the landmark of Copenhagen 

The little MermaidNo Copenhagen without the Little Mermaid right? I think that’s one of the first things people think of, when they think of Denmark and Copenhagen! At least when thinking of sight seeing points! It was definitely also on my top of things I wanted to see! I have a thing about fairytales, and I even remember my mum reading H.C. Andersen and the Little Mermaid for me! 

The statue is quite iconically located by the water near the pier called Langelinie. It is a beautiful statue, but gosh it’s small! Luckily her head was intact when we were there. Apparently it has a barbaric history of losing the head or other body parts! Small or not – I do believe it is a must see if you are going to Copenhagen

Tivoli – the second oldest theme park in the world

Did you know that Copenhagen has the 2 oldest theme parks in the world still existing? Tivoli is the 2nd oldest park and was founded in 1843 – the only one older is Dyrehavsbakken also near Copenhagen. The one I want to highlight though is Tivoli. It is such an amazing and beautiful park. 

I love theme parks in general – nothing better than to get an adrenaline rush in a good roller coaster! It’s just fun! When you go to a theme park or an amusement park you are bound to have fun – and that’s the part I love the most. We went to Tivoli one of the days and it did not disappoint – and that was not only because of the roller coaster and carousels. It won my heart over by being such a beautiful park and garden! It really has an atmosphere of an old historical theme park. I don’t hope it will be the last time visiting Tivoli! 

Strøget – one the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe

Strøget i København

Sending 2 girls who love fashion and beauty abroad without doing some shopping? No, that is impossible, so I of course have to mention Strøget in the heart of Copenhagen! It is one of the longest and most narrow shopping streets in Europe with no cars passing through! All pedestrians! 

Luckily it is also located in the center of the old city, so it was very easy to find! We spent way too many hours there shopping, but we loved it! It not only has all the normal brands, but also has a lot of high-end brands. They also have a pretty nice website, where you can see all the shops, brands, restaurants, directions and a lot of other things. 

Another thing I really like about that street is that it’s not all shops! There are a lot of historical buildings, statues, side streets that are worth taking a look at and other sight seeing spots along the way. We for example also visited “Rundetårn” which translated means the Round Tower. It’s another historical building with a great view over Copenhagen. Worth a visit if you got some extra time or need a break from all the shopping!

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