How To: Travel Alone for the First Time

Are you also dreaming about what it would be like to go away on your own and travel alone for the first time? Here are my top tips for you, if you’re eager to try it for yourself.

Try to travel alone!

I know that for many people, traveling somewhere alone can feel uncomfortable, something they don’t have any desire to do at all. And if that’s the way you feel, it’s probably not for you.

However, if you feel, even the slightest, that it would be exciting and cool to try it out, then read on. Maybe you’re just a little curious about the idea. If that’s the case, I think you might be ready to fly on your own!

Start small

Traveling yourself doesn’t have to be about going to the other side of the world or backpacking for six months. A weekend is enough and you can choose a place that is fairly close by. This way, you can try out whether or not traveling alone suits you and perhaps, later on, you can embark on longer adventures. For me, two and a half days was just right for me to get started.

Make a list of things to do before you travel alone

One of the worst things about being alone is that you can become a bit restless. Therefore, before I left, I checked out all the things I wanted to see during my trip. That way, I made sure to always have things to do on my trip. 

I looked up everything from restaurants, museums and shops to clubs, bars and attractions. Then I made a rough plan of what my days would look like, which I pretty much stuck to. But the best thing about traveling alone is also that if you don’t want to stick to the plan, you can change it at any time!  If you want some inspo, check out my tips for traveling to Copenhagen!

Meet others who travel alone

Going on your own is not as weird as you think and it’s easy today to meet others who are doing the same thing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose accommodation based on how you want to travel. I stayed at a hostel, for example.

Hostels often arrange activities during the day and usually have plenty of open spaces where you can hang out and get to know new people. If you’re staying for a longer period, it’s a perfect way to find a new travel buddy or maybe just someone to have dinner with in the evening. Hostelworld is one of the best and largest booking sites with hostels.

Travel alone tips - meet other travelers

Bring a book!

The loneliest situations for me were in restaurants and bars since eating out is very much based on social interactions around the table. My best advice here is to bring a book! Of course you can do some surfing and scroll your Instagram feed, but it gets a bit stiff and boring (besides, I didn’t wanna know if my friends were having fun at home…).

I prefer the wonderfully cliche feeling of sitting alone in a bar with a drink and reading a book in a foreign language.

Be open and ready for new impressions

Since I didn’t have someone to share all the experiences with, in some way, I think that made me experience everything much stronger. Suddenly it was just me seeing and experiencing the things happening around me.

It made me more open to things and sparked a new desire to document my journey in pictures and notes. Spending a lot of time alone gives you time to think –  about both big and small things. 

Finally: Be brave and Enjoy!

Before I left, I thought: what’s the worst that can happen? And yeah sure, nasty things can happen, but it’s often the same things that can happen at home. However, there is a lot to gain when you travel alone. You discover so much about yourself and become braver in the process.

There’s something wonderful about only sharing your impressions yourself. You can go exactly where you want to go for an entire day without anyone deciding what you’re going to do. You can take as many and as long as detours as you want. Choose to have dinner for three hours or just sit on a bench and look at people.

You get the opportunity to enjoy your own company, all the new places and the fact that you actually did it!