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How To: Pack for Holidays – Last-Minute Tips

Creating a holiday look that is comfortable, stylish and your style isn’t always the easiest to do. That’s why I gathered some tips and tricks on how to pack the perfect holiday wardrobe. Both versatile and elegant – and fits into your suitcase!

Are you traveling somewhere this summer, maybe even outside the country borders? No matter how close or far away you are going, there are some challenges that come up when you don’t have access to your entire wardrobe, so these three packing tips will save you from clothing panic – for the entire holiday. If you need some travel insp, check out my other post.


1. Pack what you actually use.

How many times have we decided to pack that little crazy top that we otherwise wouldn’t wear, thinking that all it needs is a different environment? Or the shoes that are super pretty but super uncomfortable to use at home? And, let’s be real, 99 times out of 100, they stay in the suitcase, unused. Don’t waste valuable suitcase space on things you won’t actually be wearing. This time, instead of packing those items, throw them out instead…


2. Choose clothes that all fit together.

No matter the situation, if you’re flying and need to stay within weight limits or driving cross country, it’s nice to pack light. Meaning, its best to keep the number of items you bring, to a minimum. This also means you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about what to wear when but can make quick and easy decisions. If you bring tops and bottoms that all work together and can be combined, you can easily be chic, comfortable and efficient. It’s easiest with items like dresses and jumpsuits, so you don’t need to do any thinking about mixing and matching – just throw it on and you’re ready to head out!


3. Keep it simple! 

If you don’t normally do any crazy, bold fashion statements in your everyday life, you don’t need to do it during your holidays either. Pack safe and versatile items that can be used for several different occasions. A caftan is a perfect, go-to for a cover-up when you’re heading from the beach to the bar or out for lunch, but you can also dress it up and give it a more festive vibe for going out. In addition, you can add some straw accessories, since they have made a great comeback in 2020, and they are the hottest accessories at the moment! Here’s an example from ASOS.