How To: Discover a New City Properly

When you travel to a new city, you probably look up the “must do’s” and “must see’s”. However, if you want to get the best out of a new city – and discover the local places – there are a few tips. Nothing wrong with visiting famous tourist places – but this way, you’ll get much more out of your trip. So let’s dive in!

Discover a New City – Tip 1

First, before anything else – preparation. A few days before your trip, head to Facebook and check out the groups. There are local Facebook groups around the world for people who live – or are planning to live – in your destination. YouTube is also a good way to find local places to visit in a new city. Just remember to check out less famous channels that not everyone has watched yet.

Start becoming a member of city Facebook groups even if you’re not planning to move there. Nobody has to know, right? Many people think that the social media platform is dying, but for this purpose, it can be a gold mine!

Start interacting with others and ask questions in the group as a “newbie” who is moving to town. Some groups are specifically for travelers so you’ll find a lot of information in these groups as well. And if you’re traveling alone, check out some tips before you go.

Don’t Plan Too Much and Do Get Lost

Okay, so this one might sound strange but this is something nobody talks about. You don’t want to overuse your Google maps and plan your days waaay too much. I can’t tell you how many new places I have discovered when doing this. Of course, it also depends on where you are traveling. Some countries are safer than others and you should use it with caution in certain places.

It’s always good to look up the “don’t go there by your self-places”. Some cities are not for walking around during the night. Sometimes even the small alleys should be avoided – even during the daytime. So now that you know to be careful, go bananas! Instead of looking up everything online or on social media, stray away from the crowd a little.

You will find that by being open-minded and taking different turns, away from the tourist crowds, you will find charming cafées, local places with amazing (or terrible but memorable) food and see things you wouldn’t otherwise have discovered.

It’s is one of the most adventurous and fun ways to explore a city property!

Apps and Meetup Groups

How to meet people when traveling to a new city

There are apps such as Couchsurfing and Bumble. One used to be just an app where you find a couch to crash on for a few nights. The other one started as merely a dating app but has now turned into a lot more.

Through these apps, you can meet people from all over the world who gather and do fun activities together. You will find anything from beach activities to daily hiking and fitness trips to sightseeing and foodie walks. If you haven’t checked out Meetup yet, it’s time to join.

You’ll find a lot of activities on this platform (or in the app) and a lot of people you’ll meet at the events are actually local. If you’re staying in a new city for a few days then this is the perfect opportunity to get to know people better and learn about the locals’ way of living. You’ll get so many tips that will highlight your trip and make it a lot more memorable.

Now, go and have fun on your trip! Bon Voyage!