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Remember to protect your skin with sunscreen!

Do you remember to put enough sunscreen on when you are in the sun? Even if you are not tanning, but just go for a walk or similar? The summer is near and it’s important we protect ourselves and our skin. The sun is strong and we need to put that sunscreen on at all times! 

Never go out without putting sunscreen on

Woman with sunscreen when doing sportsThe sun is very strong during the summer, even on cloudy days. So it is very important to always wear sunscreen when you go out. It is not enough to only put it on when you go out sunbathing or go to the beach. The important thing is to also remember it when you go out for a walk, play sports or when the sun doesn’t seem that strong. As you can read here, I really care about my skin, so I am really conscious about the use of sunscreen. 

Even though you are seeking shade under a parasol or the sky is cloudy, the sun will still burn through. The UV-rays are still incredibly strong and they are reflected in sand and water. So protect your skin with sunscreen during the summer, never underestimate the power of the sun. 

It is also very important that you remember to put enough sunscreen on and several times during the time you are out. A well-known rule is to use one handful of sunscreen for your body – and it’s of course always safer to cover yourself twice. While you are out, it’s important to repeat every 2-3 hours or if you have been in the water or been sweating a lot. 

Yes, you will still get that tan with sunscreen on! 

Woman tanned with sunscreenMost people, including myself, are on a mission during the summer time. We want to get that hot tan! No makeup, outfit or accessories can beat the glow of a nice suntan. However, on the contrary, it really doesn’t look nice with a sunburn instead! 

It’s a myth that you don’t get tanned while using sunscreen. The only thing is, that it will take slightly longer. But on the positive note, you will avoid damaging your skin and being sunburned. Also, while using a good sunscreen you can stimulate the melanin production of your skin, which means you can reach a much nicer result and more lasting color. Have I convinced you yet? 

What do you do if you end up being sunburned? 

Woman with a sunburnYes, I know sometimes you just still end up with that sunburn. Either because you haven’t been cautious, haven’t used high enough protection or you simply just didn’t put or not enough sunscreen on. It can really hurt, and if you have been badly burned you can even feel ill. 

There are a lot of things you can do to make it better and treat the sunburn. You can find a lot of ideas in general on how to protect yourself in the sun here. One small thing I think most people don’t think about is to drink water. Your body and skin need to be hydrated, so drink a lot of water. 

You can of course also treat the burned areas with creams that will moisturize. There are tons of different after lotions you can use, but my personal recommendation is to use aloe vera. Pure aloe vera can be quite sticky, so you can also use a good aftersun containing aloe vera. And keep the aftersun in the fridge. That way you get a natural cooling effect when you put it on! 


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