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Mask and makeup – how to combine these?

After a lot of struggles, I have gathered some of my best tips and tricks on how to wear makeup along with your mask. If you are also struggling with this, then please read on here and find out more!

Try to avoid as much makeup as possible

As you might remember from my first article on how to wear makeup with a face mask the easiest way to avoid much of this struggle is to avoid as much makeup such as concealers, contours, blush, and so on as possible. However, if you still wish to apply some makeup on your face, then there are actually some pretty useful tips that you can try out. Check it out here:

Eyes are the most important in the new look

Pretty eyes with face mask

Even without foundation and contours, you still have the most powerful weapon of your look free from the hiding. The most significant part of our face is the eyes and eyebrows. There is a lot of truth to the old saying, that the eyes are the windows of the soul. 

The first emotional reaction we have is noticing the eyes in someone’s face. The eyes instantly tell us if someone else is sad, angry, or happy. Our smile and mouth always comes in second, and always in relation to the eyes and eyebrows. So this means that you can still use your most gorgeous eye routine as usual. You can use serum, primer, and concealer under your eyes without any problems since it is still far away from the mask. Then you can go to town with your favorite eyeshadows, a full on set of lashes and eyebrows. Just remember not to go too low down under your eyes – too close where the edge will be. 


Match the color of the mask to your eyes 

In order to get an elegant look, make sure that your eyes are more noticeable than the mask! A great tip to do that is to not go for an all-black fabric. Try to choose a neutral color that matches your eyes, but still has a soft color so it does not steal attention from the eyes. One of the versions from this site could be a great suggestion.

Instead, then try to your eyes the darkest part of your face (if your skin tone is lighter). Yes, that’s right, the smoky eyes are back! Dramatic winged eyeliner is now more desirable than ever! If your skin color is a darker shade, then you can also try to use contrasting color eyeshadows, colored eyeliner, and even contrasting mascara to still make your eyes the focus, not your mask.

The final touch – don’t touch your face or your mask

Finally, after you have made your eyes the stunning center of your face, use your trusty setting spray. We don’t need the makeup gliding down onto the mask. And now you are ready to take on the new world reality. Put on your mask carefully, without smudging the brows or eyes, and you are good to go. Stay safe and stay beautiful! 



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