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How to: Best style your Mom Jeans 

Mom jeans in different shapes and designs have existed since the first day women started wearing jeans. And now, the style is trendier than ever. To take advantage of the trend and make the most of it I’ve gathered 6 tips on how to style them the best.

But what’s the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans? How do I wear them? What should I match these jeans with? Below I will list a few good tips and tricks for styling and what to keep in mind when buying your next pair. 


1. Difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans

The differences between a pair of mom jeans and a pair of boyfriend jeans are how high the waist goes, that the butt is pear-shaped instead of flat and that the length of the pants ends around in the middle of the calf instead of below it.


2. Consider the fit and color

Think about which fit, model and color you choose. The rawer the denim the better, as the pants both look more expensive and shape themselves more easily to your body, compared to a stretchy pair. A good tip when it comes to color is to get a second-hand pair as they have often already been stretched out and have that wonderful wear that only a pair of used jeans can have. Take a look at these styles from Topshop.


3. Avoid models in stretch

Avoid stretchy models and models that have factory-made tares. Mom jeans should feel genuine and not newly produced (even if they are).

4. Buy the right length

Remember to show a little of your calf. It’s not nice when mom jeans get too long, so rather roll them up once or twice for the perfect length. Giving the look a little bit more leg but with a stylish design. 


5. Don’t buy a model that’s too tight 

These aren’t “skinny” jeans that should sit super tight in the waist or legs. I would rather go up a size so that they don’t fit too snugly around the waist, for example. This creates an even nicer look plus you avoid breathing difficulties. 


6. Match your mom jeans correctly 

This model is just as good to match with sneakers or to a pair of heels. But avoid clunky shoes or boots. These have a tendency to make your legs feel clumsier, in a pair of already slightly “enlarging” jeans. Match your mom jeans with a t-shirt just as well as a party top or your knitted sweater. The styling possibilities here are endless! If you want some tips you can check out another post here