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Remember your own foot care – tips for the daily routine!

Care for your face, hair and hands are for many people a natural part of their daily beauty routines, but a lot of people forget their feet! Therefore, I would like to share a few useful tips for some easy foot care you can do at home! 

Foot care should be a part of your daily routine

Foot care should in your daily routineJust consider one time what you are actually putting your feet through? Your feet are the first thing that touches the ground every time you get up or take a step. They carry all your weight and they do it every single day. Throughout your entire life! You lock them up in socks and shoes and maybe as me tortures them with heels that are not made for comfort for your feet. Your feet are a big part of a lot of sport activities such as football, running, cycling and so much more. It’s actually quite impressive what they can stand, hence we need to pay attention to foot care! 

My feet should very well last many years yet, and I’d like to still be able to do all the above mentioned. So a few years back I started to care a lot about foot care. Before that my feet had become so dry and nasty to look at. Way too damaged for my age. Looked like I was ready for a nursing home…

As many others I simply just forgot to take care of my feet – they were still working, so what to do! I was paying much more attention to skin care and my appearance. You can read about my other skincare routines here.  

It was quite clear to see the difference after I started my daily foot care. They look much more healthy and never have any problems with them anymore. It may sounds a bit much to care for them every day, but you more or less just have to wash them every day and put on some good greasy cream. 

My daily routine for my feet

Foot bath in my daily routineDon’t worry. It really doesn’t take much effort. The most important thing is to moisturize your feet every day with a good cream. I’ve become quite happy with products from The Body Shop. You can see their products on their website here. At the moment I only use their products for my feet. 

I put on the cream “Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion” both in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed. It is also very good to use just after a nice bath. I also often have a lot of foot sweat, so I also use a anti-perspirant for my feet and in the shoes. That really makes a difference! I also make sure not to use the same shoes on every day and try to take my socks off as often as possible to let my feet breathe!

Once a week I also give my feet a long bath with salt and essential oils. That leaves your feet nice and soft! It’s important to keep on doing this – you have to care for them every day!

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