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Eyelash serum for volume and longer lashes!

As most girls I’ve always wanted long beautiful lashes with a lot volume! It’s never something I have tried to do anything with and have just come to accept my small regular lashes. That was until I read about eyelash serum and saw the effect from it! 

Spoiler alert! Eyelash serum makes wonders! 

It’s incredible what effect serum has had for my lashes! Definitely over with daily false lashes or extensions! Eyelash serum has my highest recommendation for you girls out there! It has become just an important part of my daily routine as my skincare! As you may remember from my several posts about skincare, it is something very important in my daily life! Eyelash serum can now be added to my daily beauty products along with face serum and all the other products I use! 

But what does serum really do to your lashes?

I like to have long, defined and voluminous lashes, especially when I am going out to party or going out with friends. Unfortunately, my lashes are nothing like that from nature’s side. So I usually use false lashes that I put on myself or having extensions put on by a professional at a clinic. Though, to be honest it’s such a trouble! There is so much daily upkeep – constantly! It’s not like it’s something that benefits the lashes in a longer run – on the contrary! 

The mother of one my friends recommended, that I should try using eyelash serum instead. It’s natural and it has a lasting effect on the lashes. I decided to read a bit about it and understand, what it actually does to the lashes. 

Woman after use of eyelash serum

Eyelash serum – a medicine or a beauty product? 

The serum for the lashes was apparently invented by a minor coincidence. While treating glaucoma the doctors noticed that one of the side effects of the medicine (if you can call it that…) was that their lashes grew longer. For that reason it has also been discussed whether it was dangerous to use the serum near the yes, when it started showing in the market back in 2009. Some of the initial products contain the same substance as in the medicine. So the argument was that it was not a beauty product but a medicine. Some other side effect was shown to also be discoloration of iris, which most certainly isn’t something you would be interested in! 

It turns out that in most products, it is not the same active ingredient as in the medicine. Only one similar. Luckily you are certain, that if you buy the serum in Europe, it has been approved as a cosmetic product. It is this active ingredient that nourishes your lashes and make them grow.

Great results with Clinically Proven Lash Serum from L’Oréal Paris

Clinically proven eyelash serum L'oreal
Clinically Proven Lash Serum from L’oréal Paris

Though, it is still a very strong product, so be very careful when you use it. Especially if you have sensitive eyes. I for example uses contact lenses, so I am very careful. I always make sure to apply the serum not wearing my lenses. Just in case! If you experience any irritation or discomfort then try another serum. There are a lot of different ones on the market.

I read a lot of recommendations about the Clinically Proven Lash Serum from L’Oréal Paris and it’s also the one my friend’s mother uses. It has a good price and is really effective! They promise results after only 4 weeks, and I have now used it for a couple of months! Again, I’m amazed. It’s a gorgeous result! They are much more defined and voluminous. I am so happy!


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