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Do you use a face serum? Pro tips for facial care!

For me, facial care is very important, and I have always used simple steps like cleaning the face and using a good cream. However, with a lot of problems with my skin I have been looking for more things to do for my skin. One of the things I have started using is a good serum for my face. 

Remember the basic steps for facial care! 

One of my all-time beauty tips is to take care of your skin! Incorporate a daily skincare routine both morning and night, so you keep your skin healthy and beautiful! If you don’t dare to start using serums or stuff like that, you can always just start off with the simple and basic 3-step routine. That is: always remember to clean your face. Use a skin tonic, so your skin is ready for your the last step, which is using a good moisturizing cream. You can read more about these steps in my article: “Clean, tone and moisturize! Tips for easy skincare”. 

Extend your skincare routine with serum and other steps

Besides the 3 basic steps, there is a lot more you can add to provide better care for your skin. Personally, I have added 3 more steps to my routine, so maybe you can get some inspiration here. I want to again remind you that it’s important to figure out your skin type, so you are using products for your skin. If you are any doubts, you can also seek advice from a dermatologist. 

The 3 steps I have added to my routines are a serum for the face, eye cream and retinol treatment. Though, the retinol I’m only using in the night. I’ll explain further below what these 3 additions are doing for my skin. 

When adding these additional steps, it’s quite important to do it in the right order! So my order is now: 

  1. Cleaning my face
  2. Skin tonic
  3. Face serum
  4. Eye cream
  5. Day or night cream 
  6. Retinol (only in the evening after night cream)

Face serum

After I have cleaned my face, I have started using a face serum. It’s very important that you use this before any moisturizing creams. It is a product that has a high concentration of active ingredients that will go deeper into your skin. Meaning, that it will start working immediately and repair your skin.If you use this before a moisturizer it will also boost the effect of this. As you may remember, one of my favorite brands is clinique. So I am using their “Anti-Blemish Solutions Adult Blemish + Line Serum” both morning and evening. 

Eye cream

I also started using an eye cream as I want to prevent the dark lines and bags under the eyes. I’m not sure if it really is necessary if you are using a good moisturizer, but the skin under the eyes is just so sensitive. It’s also to prevent wrinkles around my eyes when I get older, so I am hoping this can help! I am using one from Biotherm (Aquasource Eye Cream), as it’s a gel with a cooling effect. I really like the texture of it! 


You have to be a bit careful with this as it’s a quite strong product for your skin. It’s not for all skin types. You can read a bit about it here. However, it’s very good to fade out spots, smoothes out scars and it can prevent breakouts. I’ve used it for nearly 4 months now, and I do see a difference. It’s important to start slowly and not use it every day. Now that my skin has gotten used to it I use 5 times a week. I use one with only 2 % retinol from The Ordinary.