Christmas Garland Festive Creation
Tips & Tricks

Christmas garland with a personalised touch

To-do list for Christmas… buy presents for family & friends, order the turkey, and decorate the house. But I spent so much money already? With the Christmas tree, lights, table decorations, advent calendar, etc, decorations can be an added expense. No more so than the fancy Christmas garland. Light up garlands, fireplace garlands, novelty garlands, there are so many! An effortlessly draped garland can add such character to your home this Christmas. So I have been thrifty and created my own little creation! Follow my guide to create your own masterpiece, to sit in pride & place on your mantelpiece.

Free materials for your Christmas Garland

To be extra resourceful here, I recommend utilizing unwanted materials. Visit any place close to you selling Christmas trees. Usually, they will have piles of broken or trimmed off branches. These may be trash to someone else, but for us, they are going to be the base of our beautiful Christmas garland. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Usually, if you ask nicely enough, they will let you have these for free. In that case, pick up as many as you can, you can always mix and match the different shades of green together when you come to making the garland itself.

Now there is one piece of equipment that you will need and are unlikely, although not impossible, to find lying around. Floral Wire. Most DIY or hardware shops will sell this but if you are struggling to find this then it is also available to purchase online from Amazon. 

Let’s begin!..

I start by cutting my tree branches into manageable pieces. We will not need any big branches for your Christmas garland, that would look far too bulky and quite frankly absurd. Instead, begin by placing your wire on the floor and layering your branches, piece by piece, one on top of the other. By doing it this way, you will be able to visualise your festive creation. Here, you can also play around with the different variety of branches which you have collected. Start with the deeper shades of green and layer the lighter shades on top to ensure all shades of forest & pine green stand out. Play around with this until you are happy with how it looks.

Now for the tricky part! You will need to wrap the floral wire around each branch. Start by tying a knot around a small bunch of branches that you have placed to be at the end. Make sure that the knot is tight and secure. After that, keep binding more and more branches to the rest of the wire until you have the desired volume. Only cut the floral wire once you have the desired length.

Christmas Garland Decorations Embelishments Creative

At this point, you should have your fundamental Christmas garland. Let me guess… it looks a little basic right? To really enhance your Christmas garland, add more decoration. I added some glitter pine cones & artificial flowers to mine, with a big gold ribbon as the show-stopping centerpiece.

Latest trend for 2020: pom-pom garland

If you don’t like to go down the traditional route, then take a look at this year’s latest trend – Christmas pom-pom garlands. With their fun design, these can also be made from the beginning. Simply swap your wire for string, and make the pom poms yourself from a ball of yarn. Similarly, cheap and easy to make!.