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3 simple hair tips for healthier and more beautiful hair

No matter if you have short or long hair, dark or blond, man or a woman, your hair means a lot for your general look. It means a lot for me that’s for sure. A bad hair day can definitely ruin my day. How sad… I know! But that is why I’d like to share 3 simple hair tips with you that you can easily use every day! 

First hair tip: Keep your hair well cared for – make your own hair mask 

My first hair tip for you is that generally it’s of course important to keep your hair well cared for. Use some nice hair products for wash and styling, and try to spare it as much as possible from heating products like straightening and curling irons. Give your hair a nice treatment with a good hair mask. That way it will get a lot of care and moisture. As you can read in my article about home spa I will always recommend you to make your own. It is so easy and that way you know will avoid any chemical and just use natural ingredients. For example a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil! 

It is important to use the right hair brush! 

Use the right hair brushMy second hair tip is about hair brushes. It probably won’t come as a surprise, but it can do more harm than good using the wrong brush for your hair. You can damage the strands of your hair, but also harm your scalp. You should therefore search for the right brush that is good for exactly your type of hair. It depends if you have fine or thick hair, straight or curls and so on.

I myself have very fine hair which very naturally falls very straight. For that reason I use a round brush, as to my experience it gives some volume to my hair. Especially if you also use it when you blow dry your hair. Though be careful not to do that always, as it will also damage your hair. 

A small tip is to pay that little extra for your hair brush and find one with natural wild boar bristles. It helps spread your natural oils in your hair. My favorite is Boar Bristle Round Brush from Moroccanoil. It is great quality! I’ve had it over a year, and it’s still as good as new! 

A couple of hair tips for the night 

hair tips for when you sleepThere are several things to think about before you go to bed in regards to your hair. One of the more well-known hair tips is that you should never go to bed with your hair wet. Otherwise it will be damaged and more likely to break. It is kind of true! This fact is more that if you go to bed with wet hair, it is more likely to be matted. And that is the factor that can trigger the damaged and broken hair strands. So try to go to bed with as dry hair as possible. 

Another hair tip that was new to me is that you should consider sleeping with a satin sheet instead of a cotton one. Not only should it benefit your hair but also your face. Cotton will absorb moisture in your hair, and it can therefore become dry and frizzy. Since satin also has a smoother surface, it also wears less on both hair and face.

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