Trend 2020: A Simple Summer Wardrobe

I dream of a classic, timeless and sustainable summer wardrobe – one that never goes out of style. I think I’ve figured out some of the basic pieces I need to get started. Pieces that I can match with the season’s trends. These are my thoughts so far…

The basic summer wardrobe:

A Stylish Swimsuit

I’m thinking of investing in a swimsuit that can also be worn as a summery outfit or on the beach with a cool sun hat. Maybe something with ruffles, that’s always a charming and somewhat timeless choice.

A White T-shirt

It’s definitely a basic piece, but a white t-shirt really does fit with everything. I think this one might be a must in my summer wardrobe. Also, it’s super easy to dress up with a blazer and heels, or with jeans and a pair of sneakers.

The Perfect Denim Skirt 

A denim skirt is such a versatile piece, you can wear it on a hot holiday but also just as easily to work. You can dress it up with a scarf or with a cute top for the summer’s after work.


Of course, we’ve got the timeless choice that is Ray-Ban themselves,. These will probably never go out of style. I’m a big fan of the rounder models since they’re so easy to match with all my outfits. Check out my post for some sunglass inspo before you decide!

A Black Bikini

I definitely think that a black bikini is vital for a summer wardrobe. I can wear it so easily under all my summer dresses. If you want something unique and different, I’d check out a high waisted one, timeless and super flattering!

A Jeans Jacket

Once it starts to get a little cooler, for the evenings and the shade, a jeans jacket is the perfect jacket to pull on for a stylish look. So no matter what you’re wearing, the jeans jacket is always a good one to have in your summer wardrobe.

White Sneakers

I just can not get enough of white sneakers! You can wear them for every occasion, for work, summer festivals or just daily adventures. In fact, it’s always a good option for a fabulous look. And honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to have too many pairs…

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is one of the few products that I always keep close by, it’s always in my bag. It just adds that little extra to your look, finishing touch in tiny packaging. This one from Sensai is one of my go to’s, it lasts very long so you don’t have to worry about touch-ups every 30 minutes.

A Black bag

A staple in my summer wardrobe is definitely going to be a black medium-sized bag. It’s that one thing that holds most things I need for all the summer activities. I love those that have a timeless design. I never get tired of those!