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Styling Tricks for Us Short Girls

Are you also getting tired of being called short? Then you’ve come to the right place! I put together some of my tricks for us short girls…

All of us short girls know how tiring it can be to hear the same comments about your height and how you can’t wear a long skirt without looking like a kid… Sometimes you meet someone who’s exactly the same height but for some reason, they don’t seem as short as you do? Their secret is in what they’re wearing! There are certain clothes and styling tricks that make us look taller than we actually are! I found my top five and I wanted to share them with you guys too. So we can get a little break from the constant comments about our height.


First: Monochrome flatters us, short girls

A matching garment in similar colors actually creates the illusion that your body is longer than it actually is! Try it out and see for yourself. You can match the color of your shirt with your pants, the pants with the shoes or even match all three. Either way, it gives an illusion of taller height. Check out this Vogue article on monochrome outfits if you want to dig a little deeper.

Second: Avoid long tops and tuck them in!

Long tops are perfect if your tall and elegant but they are not a hit for us on the short side… Long sweaters cover up valuable parts of your legs, which makes you look even shorter. To avoid this, you can either go with shirts that end exactly where you want them too (which would be around the edge of your pants, roughly) or simply tuck them in! It creates a look that makes your legs seem longer and it also gives you a nicely highlighted waistline.

Third: Short girls gotta love some heels

I’m not saying you always have to wear “heels”. Even if you love sneakers, sandals or boots, you can always choose a pair that have a thicker sole. Just a few inches is enough and you will definitely notice that you’ll feel a little taller than usual. Try avoiding shoes that are completely flat though.

Style tips for short girls - wearing heels

Fourth: Avoid knee-length skirts

Garments that end right below your knees make your legs look shorter than you might like. Instead, choose a short skirt or one that ends at your ankles. It’s so much more flattering for us who are short.

Last but not least: Always try to show your ankles

Opt for pants or skirts that end around your ankles. The reason for this is that you don’t want your legs to look like they are soaked in the fabric. Instead, when your pants end at your ankle, your legs are also perceived as longer (the eye thinks your legs are too long for your pants). Perfect for us shorties! If you want some extra inspo, you can check out this post on how to style your mom jeans.