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Let’s talk about this new concept and the freebie that I just found on Raging Stars. I scrolled and I looked, eager to shop and see what kind of new things are out there. And you know me – always looking for the latest trends and hot shopping spots online ?.

Well, I found something quite unique that I want to share with you all today. Today is all about shopping and the new website I just saved to my favorites on my computer. 

Raging Stars’ Brands

Raging Stars' Brands

I love shopping for brand clothing. It of course has to be of great quality and look good. I also like it when the company I’m shopping with has good values and a great vision. Raging Stars have a lot of different brands that I like and it’s a good mix.

You’ll find a good selection for men too within the same brands. Plus, for men, they also have cool clothes from Armani, Diesel and a wider selection from Calvin Klein. I found some awesome things so I thought I will share them with you today ?


One of my favorites is Adidas which is a brand I found on Raging Stars. Adidas seems like just a regular brand that has been around for years and a lot of people like it for its variety of cozy and comfortable clothes that also look appealing.

What I like about Adidas is that their whole vision is to encourage maximum performance. I relate this to not only athletes but also everyday life. So the fact that Raging Stars has quite a lot of clothing from this brand is something I truly appreciate.

I never get tired of slipping into a cozy Adidas sweatshirt or chilling in one of their tee’s. And I found some of my favorites for a much cheaper price their website – so cheers to that! 

Other favorites I found were from Calvin Klein and Guess. Although the Calvin Klein collection of clothing is not that big, they have some basics that I like. From Guess, I found nice skirts and some nice tops that were discounted.

Overall, I think that they have a nice selection and not too much. If you are into colorful pieces then you’ll definitely find that too on the website.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

What kind of gal would I be if I didn’t mention the shoes that Raging Stars have, right?  This is actually one of their best selections. I only have one thing to say: Jimmy Choo. Yep, that’s right. Okay, so it’s not like you will find what Carrie found in Sex and the City when she walked into a shoe store but most of the styles are really nice.

Then to the more relaxed style, you’ll find a lot of sneakers within different brands. I’ve found several cool sneakers from Nike and Adidas for example. Puma also has a few styles that are nice for everyday walks or workouts.

There are quite a few different high heel shoes that are super pretty! Except for Jimmy Choo, Arnolda Toscani has some reeeeealllyyy nice once! Yes, I totally had to make a point there because they are prettaaaay. For a night out, this is definitely a brand I would go with.

Makeup & Fragrance

What woman doesn’t like nice makeup that stays put? And what woman doesn’t want to buy her favorite perfume for half the price (or less)?

Let’s start with the makeup. I found several top brands inside the makeup section. My favorite brand Bourjois stood out immediately once I looked at what they have.

I found bronzers, lipsticks and rouges – all with amazing colors. I could ramble on forever about this brand but I want to leave space for the ones – so that they don’t feel left out ?.

Some of my other favorite makeup I found were Sensai, Shiseido and Clarins. Shiseido’s Radiant Lifting Foundation is one of the best foundations I have ever had. And don’t get me started on Sensai’s Glowing Base. It’s used before you put your foundation on and holds hydrating ingredients.

Sensai’s products are simply amazing. Oh and get this. The glowing base primer is about 30 percent off on Raging Stars’ website. I love it!

What I find great is that this isn’t even for members, this is open to everyone who visits the page. Which makes me wonder how good their membership prices actually are. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m seriously thinking about it!

Raging Stars’ Accessories

Raging Stars Accessories

Yes – take me to accessory space please! Just as a woman can’t be without her little black dress or her favorite makeup, she sure can’t be without accessories either. Watches, earrings and handbags from brands like Versace and Michael Kors are some of the things you’ll find on the website.


I like Versace bags mainly because of the often elegant and clean style. Here, you’ll find Versace Jeans products that are more for a younger crowd and cost less. Most of these do require that you become a member however which means that I haven’t ordered mine yet.

I like the plainer ones but you’ll find a mix of styles so you can just choose whichever you like the most ?

Brand Watches

According to my opinion, watches are those details that make any outfit stand out more. Especially if you’re wearing a one-colored outfit. But even with dresses or mix and matches, a watch adds a nice touch. I rarely go anywhere without my watch. It’s either that or a bracelet.

I feel more feminine somehow and I like that. Also from Michael Kors, Raging Stars have nice watches for a lower price. There are two styles that I’m especially fond of and that’s the pinkish one with the sunglasses detail and the elegant one that’s in a similar color but more elegant and simple. Different outfits require different styles, right?


Swete jewelry. I already told you that I love bracelets but I also have tons of earrings. I’m serious, you should see my jewelry box at my house! Okay, so maybe that’s not something I should shout out too much but I enjoy talking about my favorite things – and jewelry is definitely one of those.

You’ll find earrings in different shapes and they’re not expensive at all. This is probably the section with the least branded selection but instead, you’ll find some jewelry that stands out. Colorful, simple or earrings that stand out – you got it.

Raging Stars Member & Donation Club

Raging Stars Member & Donation Club

Okay, so this one really caught my eye. I can say that I feel almost as happy as that baby in the picture when I find something of value that gives me more than I asked for. This is exactly what Raging Stars seem to be doing. Imagine this: you expect low prices on high-quality clothing and other products but what you get is:

  • Access to music and streaming for a super low price
  • Access to your own stylists and personal trainers that can help you make life sweeter and healthier
  • A gift box with quality products when you sign up as a member
  • The option to donate your clothes and other products to charity and get a refund that you can use to shop new things with

I know, I’m pretty taken by this as you can see. It’s not easy though to find memberships that are really good and that offer you so many benefits. I know I have been a member of a lot of places. I’m sure you have too.

You know, the gym, beauty stores, online, clothing stores, shoe stores – well, you name it! And without feeling bad about it I have to admit that I love discounts. But honestly, who doesn’t?! The discounts are awesome! So finding a place where you get a lot of them makes me truly happy ?

How the Club Works

From what I’ve read, the member’s club seems pretty straightforward. You sign up, you have to upload some documents and you get a free gift box. Once you’ve registered, you can choose whichever giftbox you want. There is everything from beauty boxes to toys for children. Perfect for parents! Then there are boxes with natural products and even lingerie – ooooh I love that!

So basically you choose what you want, get it to your house and then you get a gift card that you can shop for in the exclusive section. You also have time to change your mind so there are no strings attached.

Once you have your gift card, you can shop for exclusive products for the same amount, which is 49 €. And then – you can donate your clothes that you don’t want anymore, or any other products except for lingerie and makeup, to a charity organization. This option becomes available after six months of membership.

Conclusion About Raging Stars

At the end of it all, it seems that this new hottie in town – or rather online – is bringing something fresh to the table. More fun with shopping, quality and genuine care. That’s something I can definitely get on board with.

Well, that’s it for me. Let me know if you’ve tried their membership and what you thought – or if you just shopped some branded goodies ?