Michael Ginnerskov Jensen: “Donate and stop fast fashion.”

Fast fashion is a big problem when it comes to the environment. The environmental damage that comes from the fashion industry is mainly because of fast fashion, and Michael Ginnerskov Jensen wants to turn this around. His idea of how to do that is a donation program.

The donation program allows the consumer to purchase higher quality pieces of clothing. After using the piece for a while, the consumer donates the piece and receives a gift card from Michael Ginnerskov Jensens’ online store. Hopefully, this can affect the fast fashion industry.

Something the fashion industry has not seen before

The concept of donating is not new. But the concept of donating high-quality clothing when you have used it for 6 months, or more, is. What Michael Ginnerskov Jensen wants is that you should be able to shop products and fashion items of high quality, but with a good conscience.

His donation program will allow the consumer to acquire clothing from high fashion brands. After at least 6 months of owning the product, the consumer can choose to donate it, and will then receive a gift card that has the same value as the initial price paid for that fashion item.

A free fashion item

Come to think of it, that makes the fashion item basically free. If you purchase it, wear it, donate it, and get the money returned in a gift card… That means that in the end, full circle, you haven’t paid for the piece. And the person receiving the piece that you donated, will receive joy at the same time. Not only is it great for the environment, but also for the conscience.

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and the donation program

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen and his idea

In the US alone, 11 million tons of clothing is simply thrown away, each year. That is an extremely high number. Michael Ginnerskov Jensen thought that this should be possible to turn around. His solution is more environmentally friendly. In addition, it has a favorable outcome for the consumer as well.

The donation program allows members in the online store club to acquire high fashion items, for prices that are more affordable than what you will find in the retail stores. In addition, as a member of the club, you get access to the donation program that I have been talking about in this post.

New thinking that can change the future of the fashion industry

I personally think that Michael Ginnerskov Jensen’s idea of the donation program is a great initiative. It’s something that I think can turn the fashion industry around, as it allows consumers to purchase fashion items of higher quality.

By benefiting from the donation program they basically get a high-fashion item for free, since they receive the amount they paid as a gift card when donating. By donating the piece of clothing instead of just throwing it out, the piece gets new life. In addition to it being good for the environment, it also helps a person in need of clothing, that maybe is not able to shop high fashion items themselves.

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is developing the trend of vintage clothing

Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is developing the trend of vintage clothing

It’s also no secret that vintage clothing just becomes more and more popular. It’s clear to me that Michael Ginnerskov Jensen is onto something here. I look forward to seeing how the fast fashion industry is affected eventually if this takes on. I know I’ll try to benefit from this donation program, that’s for sure.