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Fashion rules from the French It Girls

If you want something to be inspired by this year, the French style is here for you! I just can’t get enough of their casually elegant and romantic style. Which is why I was thrilled to find this list of the biggest fashion secrets of the French IT girls!

There’s something about the French and their fashion that I just can’t seem to shake. With such a carefree and relaxed demeanor they always seem to remain incredibly well-dressed and ridiculously good-looking. I wanna steal their style and embrace each and every rule in this list to the fullest extent.

French fashion tip number 1: always show some leg

Take any chance you get to show off your legs. French girls know exactly how to dress to look both well-dressed and casual. By choosing to dress up the top, using elegant and chic tops and dressing down the bottoms. 

Fashion tip number 2: discreetly highlighted waist

French girls always make sure their waist is highlighted, but never excessively. Making sure to show off their feminine shapes even when wearing shapeless clothes. Highlighting the waist gives your outfit and you a more flattering look, embracing your femininity in a subtle but glamorous way. 

Choose either accessories or apparel

French girls always make sure to choose whether it’s the outfit or the accessories they want to be the main attraction. Either the outfit wows or the accessories, but never both. Maybe you have a pair of stunning heels and a super nice bag that goes great with a certain scarf, then choose an outfit with a basic look to make the accessories stand out.

Keep your holiday clothes close by

All sorts of things, from those cool beachy dresses and sandals to straw bags and off-shoulder tops – can all be used just as nicely in the city. Embrace the carelessness and chill vibes and keep in mind the clothes you’ve set aside for holidaying, work perfectly for your everyday choices too. Then, you will master the French fashion.

Invest in stylish outerwear

It’s not enough to have just one nice jacket, instead, you should invest in several. Get a variation of jackets and coats in different styles to match the different outfits. The wider the choice the better, don’t you think? Check out these guys for example.

Probably the most important fashion tip: only keep heels you can walk in

It doesn’t matter how good you look if you’re wearing heels you’re just tumbling about in. Instead, you should always choose the pair that you can rock with confidence and without extra effort. It’s definitely better to be stylish and comfortable than stylish and wobbly.