Coupon Tigers: How Does a Brand Make It Online?

Is it a new beast or just a harmless kitty cat? I think that Coupon Tigers might be just the adventure online we have been looking for. Cool brands, good prices and an online VIP club that’s attractive. But how long will this animal be able to stay in the online jungle without getting eaten? Well, with a good concept of genuine care, it might just work. But let’s find out why it deserves a spot and what a brand actually needs to succeed online today. 

The name says it all: Coupon Tigers. This already sounds like an adventure to be a part of. A bit mysterious and intriguing. Okay, I’ll admit that the Coupon in the name takes away a bit of the mystery but I like to focus on the good things. And how fitting is the analogy with the online space being an adventure? Or is it just me who loves the idea of looking at it that way?

I thought it would be fun to pick the brand apart and divide it into characteristics. You know, like a tiger’s or a wild animal’s characteristics?

Coupon Tigers – The Brave One

The tiger is brave, without a doubt. It is powerful and it knows it.

In order to stay in the game online, or get into it in the first place, courage is needed. Coupon Tigers has been brave enough to introduce their concept to the market. They knew that they had something good and they went for it.

And has it paid off? Well, it looks that way. With people talking about them on both social media and online, they’re doing something right. Sure, everything isn’t good but overall people love the concept and the club. And besides, one shoe doesn’t fit all, right? It’s pretty impossible to please everyone.

Being brave as a brand means that you dare to stand out. It also means that you dare to do things a bit differently. With Coupon Tigers, you don’t get the typical shopping experience. You get shopping, famous brands, a VIP membership if you apply and free goodies too.

Yes, it’s a lot but it’s not enough to just have one good thing today – unless it’s a spectacular out of this world thing- But other than that, you need a combination of things to satisfy your customers.

A Proud Brand

When you are proud, or confident in other words, it shows. It shows in the way you present yourself, the way you deal with your customers and the way you act. This is as so true for brands as well, and not only people. What’s more, is that when you involve your employees to be proud too, magic happens! I’ve watched a lot of brands and the ones that make it out there, or out here, are the ones that have a team that’s confident.

And you can only have confidence if you’re proud of yourself, who you are and what you do.

What I’ve noticed about Coupon Tigers is that they are proud of what they do. I’ve actually been in contact with them a few times and it’s clear that the brand stands behind its concept one hundred percent. This is gold! I also managed to talk to an employee that works for the brand and was told that she was really happy with working there.

The truth is that when you have a good concept and take care of your employees, they are going to help you spread the word. It´s like free promotion. The word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools there is. 

Be playful and build a fun brand.

I chose this word because playfulness is important. A brand that is all play and no fun is…well, no fun. A brand that can have fun, whether it is on social media, behind the scenes or with the website is a brand that spreads joy. And people want to have fun. I want to have fun and so do you, I’m sure. Of course, it’s important to have fun at the workplace too. A good team and joyful environment is important.

By having fun, I don’t mean that you only fool around all day and don’t work. But from within, if you make sure that it’s enjoyable for your employees to work then it will show on the outside. It’s like when you take care of yourself within, it will show without. You eat well and you will see it on your body, your skin, and in your mood. Having a good work environment is no different.

So how can your brand be more playful?

It´s a good idea to have space for creativity and ideas that you and the team talk about together. You can also decorate the workspace in a playful and cheerful way. If the work is solely online, since a lot of companies are mainly online, you can use zoom, company events, fun brainstorm sessions and so on.  There are always ways to be playful.

Coupon Tigers have managed to be playful with their website content. The different categories they have to fit different personalities makes it fun! I also like the name which I think is playful 🙂  And with what I’ve heard, they have fun at work too.

Coupon tigers is fast, and you want to be fast too.

One of the things that are important to me is that I get help when I shop with a brand. I want to be able to reach customer service easily and then get a response quickly. Coupon Tigers actually responded to one of my emails within five minutes. Now that’s fast! Sure I might think about not being as glued to my email inbox but I can’t help it.  It’s still one of the main ways I stay connected.

I tiger is fast, without a doubt, so I’m happy that this brand has shown to be so quick as well. After all, if you’re called coupon tigers it’s not only about discounts but about speed too, no?

Also, when I contacted them on social media (I know, I’m everywhere 😂) the reply was in super speed too. That makes me happy! Today, if you don’t take care of your social media, you practically get lost in the crowd. This is huge. Your brand doesn´t have to tackle everything at once if you’re a small team, or maybe even a team of one. You can start with one or two platforms that fit your brand the best and then when you can get help, you can go bigger.

Keep it interesting.

Keeping it interesting is key. They say that you always want to keep people guessing about you but when it comes to being a brand, the approach is a bit different. You don’t want to keep customers guessing too much because transparency is important. I myself don’t trust just any brand so I need as much information as possible. I want to know what others say, I want them to have good information on the site and I want it to be clear.

That’s another reason why I think Coupon Tigers is a great brand. I can find the information I need and I have easy access to them on social media, via email and can read a lot of information on the website.

Keeping it interesting can be done by being creative with posts, website content and having unique offers. A good thing is also to have limited offers. The sense of urgency is something that works really well. I have noticed how it works on me1 I bet it works on you too. Having a unique and exclusive selection of products is another way. If you have too much then the things you’re selling get easily lost. So make it one of your priorities to regularly figure out ways how to keep the brand interesting.


Beautiful means that the brand is visually attractive and that the website looks good, social media looks good and that the products are nice. The first impression is everything so that you can keep the customers on your site, your page or in your store.

In a physical store, the design is important, the products, the temperature and the staff of course. When you see something attractive, or something beautiful, you want to stay around. It’s not to be shallow, it’s just a reality that a successful brand know.

It doesn’t mean that it’s the same for everyone. It completely depends on how you want your brand to show up in the world. What kind of image you want to show off. Beautiful comes in many forms and usually if there I s beautiful thought behind it then the result will be more appealing too. Coupon Tigers have beautiful things, down to their perfume bottles and makeup-kits. We shop with our eyes, the same thing as we eat with our eyes.

Visually beautiful, adapted to your brand and audience, means people will be attracted to you. Or rather, to your brand.