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Beauty Advent Calendar: Style over substance?

Do I treat myself to a beauty advent calendar and bring joy to every day of the final month of 2020? Or do I continue to save my money and be sensible? It’s a difficult decision to make, I know.

During the ever unstable year of 2020, now more than ever we are searching for ways to save our cash. We have all had to economize and avoid splurging out like we may have done before. So we now appear to be at a crossroads, a point where a decision has to be made.

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An assortment of budget to high-end beauty advent calendars

It’s the season to be jolly! The most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to indulge.

You have to treat yourself once in a while but to what extent with prices ranging from as little as £8 to as much as £400. Personally, I would be quite happy with the significantly less pricey chocolate alternative. Be that as it may be, beauty advent calendars are becoming increasingly more popular.

A great saving or a worthless buy?

As we all know, to purchase the products inside a beauty advent calendar individually would cost you a lot more than simply buying the calendar itself. Say I were to purchase the limited edition 2020 MAC calendar. I would then be in possession of several unwanted items. A clear lip gloss that I have not used since I was in my teenage years; Dazzle eyeshadow which I may use once or twice; and seven lipsticks, supplying one for every day of the week. Having said that, I would hold a high opinion of expanding my makeup collection with the addition of 15 other fabulous MAC products. This is always a welcome addition in my eyes.

Now of course you can always check which products the box contains before purchasing, but doesn’t that just ruin all the fun of it? That all depends on how much you are willing to spend of course. If you want some options to consider, head over to my previous blog.

Recycle your beauty products

Since writing my last article,I have come up with a solution which I wish to present to you. So here it is… any products that you do not wish to keep can be resold. For this, I recommend Poshmark or sites such as eBay which both allow you to sell your beauty products. This way, you don’t need to feel so bad about spending a fair amount of money in the first instance. You will also have the opportunity to earn some cash back.

Alternatively if you are feeling particularly generous this Christmas, quite simply regift them to friends or family members. I am sure that they would appreciate it and think you have been extra generous this season, keeping them on your good side for the next year ahead.

Beauty Advent Calendar Christmas Beauty Box Share Regift

To close, I would say that beauty advent calendars are a great way to test new products without having to pay the full retail price.

If you are looking to treat yourself to a beauty advent calendar this holiday season, I would place your order soon. A great deal of the most popular brands not only have waiting lists but also sell our way before Christmas. If there is a particular brand that you are crazy about, order earlier rather than later in order to avoid disappointment.