Are you ready for the beach? My bikini favorites!

I love to travel both locally, most definitely also around the world. When I travel I like to go out and explore, but I do really also love to have a day or two where I don’t do anything else but relax on the beach or by the pool! And for that, we need the right bikini! 

My closet is already filled with bikinis in all colors and styles! 

Choosing the right bikini

I have to confess, I own way too much swimwear. Taken into consideration how often (or not) they are actually used, it’s almost embarrassing how many bikinis and bathing suits I own by now. I don’t think I am lying when I say I buy a minimum of two new sets each year. When I think about it, probably even three pairs…

I love swimwear and I love to put different designs together. I also own a lot of different styles of bikinis. The fashion changes every year, so why should I change too? It’s the same with sunglasses. I need a minimum of one pair each year! If you are like me, there is some inspiration for you right here


Combine your bikinis or try a bathing suit

With that being said, I often combine my sets so I have a lot that goes together in different ways. My favorites are without a doubt bikinis with a lot of colors. Or at least one part that’s colored. I am relatively dark in my skin, so I like to think colors look good on me! Also, when I see colorful patterns, I associate it with summer! My favorite season! 

The bathing suit is booming again in the fashion world, which I found a bit weird in the beginning. It wasn’t really my style. After all, doesn’t a bathing suit only look hot on the girls in Baywatch? Actually, no.

I have somehow fallen in love with the style now. It can actually be quite sexy! But… my favorite will always be a bikini! I choose different kinds of bikinis, depending on the occasion. I think about if I’m only planning on lying on the beach, relaxed, or if I’ll be doing activities.

The sporty bikini version

Sporty bikini

My absolute favorite must be my bikini from adidas which has a very sporty design. The bottom is fully lined and stays in its place! It doesn’t have to be tied and covers most of my behind!

The top is very similar to a sports bra and is fastened with a zipper in the front. You don’t have to be scared if it goes up or falls down when you run or jump around. It will stay put! It is the perfect bikini if you want to be active and it’s super comfortable! 

The classic bikini

If you want to lie on the beach, I think that a completely normal triangle bikini tied in the neck is the way to go. I have rather small breasts, so for me, that is the type of bikini that fits me the best. You can find a wide selection of triangle bikinis at Victoria’s Secret. They have some really nice sets!