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10 Fashion mistakes everyone makes in their 20’s

You learn from your fashion mistakes, that’s usually how it goes, right? There are definitely some things I did in my 20’s that I have (thank god) stopped doing. Are you 20-something right now? Congratulations! You still have the chance to learn from my mistakes, so you can avoid these 10 mistakes too!

1. Buying new underwear because you’re just too lazy to do your laundry

It’s definitely not the most economical thing to do, especially with the budget of most 20-somethings. Instead, invest in a couple of pairs of underwear you like and start doing your laundry regularly. Here’s a list of good underwear brands you can check out.


2. Buying a dress you know isn’t your style but your friend thinks fits you perfectly

Every time you see it hanging there unused, you get frustrated, why not just admit that you don’t like it. One of the easier fashion mistakes that you can skip but learning to say no and don’t buy the stuff you don’t actually like.


3. Believing you can’t repeat outfits twice because people will judge you

Unless you’re Beyoncé, no one pays that much attention to your outfits. It’s better to repeat some outfits instead of spending money on new ones before every night-out. The only one who will notice is you, I promise!


4. Not buying something you love just because a friend has the same thing

As if the world was going to collapse if you happen to wear the same item… The risk of you wearing the same item on the same day is so minimal anyway. So why wouldn’t you buy it, if it makes you happy?

5. Buying something really nice but you’re too scared to use it

You put it away, save it for a special occasion, but then all of a sudden you’ve waited too long and the feelings just aren’t the same anymore. Instead, just stop waiting! Wear it now, wear it all the time, wear it till it makes you sick!


6. Buying an item because it’s versatile or a good basic, even though it’s not really you

It doesn’t matter how practical or versatile a garment is, if you don’t wear it – it’s pointless. Spend your money on items you like and want to wear, rather than items that could be good. If you need some inspo you can check out another post with some advice here.


7. Throwing your favorite boots because the sole is worn out

You spend so many years searching and so much money to get the perfect pair but you’re prepared to chuck em out just because they’re looking a little worn? If you really love them, they deserve the right treatment! Take them to a shoemaker so they can help you to mend the soles.


8. Buying shoes even though they hurt to wear, just because they look nice

You somehow managed to convince yourself that these shoes will turn into a pair of soft slippers if you use them for a couple of hours. Which should be making you question whether you want your feet to hate you or if maybe you should find a pair of shoes that both you and your feet will love.


9. Overpaying for something just because it is a certain brand

Sometimes the most expensive brands aren’t necessarily better quality than the cheaper brands. A simple white t-shirt is so often made from the same crap regardless of the brand name.


And last but not least:

10. One of the biggest fashion mistakes of all: Buying things that are super trendy or super classic, when really, you should be buying items that fit your own style

You may not have your style pinned down yet. But once you figure it out, everything will fall into the right place, with ease. And a tip along the road for you: make planned purchases, consider the item before you’ve jumped the gun.