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Trends From The 2000’s That Are Back

The classic baggy jeans, chockers and tracksuits were the staples of the early 2000’s. And now the classics are returning for a second round. Ill give you a quick list of some of the good old hot trends that are back in stock!


Its been 20 years since the glory days of 00’s began. An era filled to the brim with denim, bejeweled jeans, chockers and dark lips. With the leading ladies like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Britney Spears, who gave us the inspiration we gladly followed. And recently, many of these amazing trends are making their fabulous comebacks!

Choker necklace, trends making a return

1. Chokers

These were huge in the late 90’s, early 00’s. Preferably something with added rhinestones or maybe even in leather. Or the cheaper version that most of us had, the plastic, stretchy one. This is a trend you can see nowadays on celebrities like Rihanna! The choker necklace is back!


2. Tracksuits

Back then the coolest tracksuits of them all were the ones branded Juicy Couture. The soft plush suit, available in every imaginable color, was the most popular thing you could have. Some sources say that Paris Hilton had a collection of over a hundred sets and she was definitely an ambassador for the brand, official or not.

The tracksuits have returned but in a more low key form. From sports brands like adidas or Nike, but also from any normal clothing store. Besides, there’s definitely a style for every need, something for everyone. Kim Kardashian was one of the people who help in bringing it back, by dressing the whole Kardashian-West family in tracksuits for their Christmas cards.


3. Top to Toe Denim Trends

One of the hottest celeb couples of the 00’s were without a doubt the duo of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. And I think everyone remembers the iconic outfits the star duo shined in at the American Music Awards 2001, the matching head to toe denim outfits, one of the decades legendary looks. An image that has become an absolute classic.


Today the trend is back to shine! All kinds of different influencers, from all over the world showing off their denim jackets, matched with the same tone for the jeans. A style that is here to stay!


4. Baggy Jeans

Britney Spears showed us the way when it came to the baggy jeans trend. In fact, those puffy, big jeans that were the jeans in the early 00’s. If you were smart enough to not clean out your wardrobe and managed to save a pair since then,  you are in luck! They are hotter than ever before. Even supermodels like Bella Hadid has a pair of baggy jeans. If you want some tips on how to style baggier jeans, check out this post on mom jeans.


5. Colored Sunglasses

The accessory of the cool crowd, the colorful sunglasses. Pink, purple, yellow or orange, any color really! If you had these, you knew you were gonna be the talk of the day.

Today, the colorful sunnies are back, throwing in different shapes of shades in the selection too. Pick a color and a shape and you can follow the trends like all the big fashion bloggers.

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