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4 tips for a luxury spa experience at home

Don’t we all love a good spa treatment? It doesn’t have to be all luxury at a nice spa hotel or a wellness place! Bring the spa and wellness to your home and give yourself that luxury feeling in your own environment. I’ll give you 4 tips I can recommend doing for yourself! 

Set the spa atmosphere

For me, the most important thing about a spa experience is the atmosphere itself. It’s important that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Your mind and body have to be ready to soar away and enjoy! What I combine with spa treatments is especially the aroma and calming background music. 

I like to spray with relaxing oils. My favorite is lavender with a hint of mint. It is relaxing yet refreshing. In regards to music, I normally just find a relaxing spa playlist at Youtube or Spotify and have that running in the background.

I also find it important to dim the lights and instead light up some candles in the bathroom. That really sets the mood. To add the last thing, I open up a bottle of wine and enjoy a glass or two!

Fill up the tub

If you are so fortunate to have a tub then fill it up! That will of course make the whole spa experience much more perfect. Fill it up with as hot water as you can stand, so your body can relax. However, a good tip is to not fill it all the way but to leave some room so your upper body can remain outside of the water. That way you can switch between the temperatures for your body and really get that circulation going. Add some bath soap to make it more special! 

Treat yourself with one of those soothing face masks

While sitting in the bath, why not apply a good face mask? Your face is not part of your bath, so apply a face mask so your face will get a spa treatment as well. You can of course go the easy way and buy one to apply. Though, I’d recommend reading my article about homemade masks and make one yourself! You probably already have the ingredients for it! Ingredients for one of them are only egg yolk, honey, olive oil and oatmeal! 

Last home spa tip: put your hair up with a hair mask

Don’t forget your hair! Again, since you have prepared for a long bath, you might as well apply a hair mask! I will again always recommend making it yourself! As with the face masks, you can make a lot of different hair masks with only natural ingredients. You can always just use coconut oil, as it helps protect the hair. Or you can make one with avocado, olive oil and honey, which is really good for dry, damaged hair. 

Sometimes I go against my own principles and buy a premade hair mask. That way I can save a little time. I can really recommend the Hair Food from Garnier. They contain 98 % natural ingredients and just leave the hair soft and beautiful. 

Enjoy your spa experience – I am certain your mind and body will thank you!