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Honest Kiss – Gift Box and Review

At Honest Kiss, you get a free gift box when you join their membership club. Read more about it here where I give you my honest assessment of the products I have received.


First a little summary – what is Honest Kiss about?

Honest Kiss is a website filled with lots of quality products within cosmetics, care, fashion and accessories. If you don’t know about Honest Kiss already, then let me just quickly explain how the introduction concept works:

When you sign up as a member, you receive a free gift card that can be used to choose exactly the gift box you want from the Honest Kiss website. All gift boxes have their own theme and are filled with different, quality products corresponding to said theme, such as “Garnier Gift Box”, “Travel Gift Box” and so on. And there are a lot of boxes to choose from, so I will almost guarantee you that no matter what you are looking for, you can find it within these boxes. 

After much deliberation, I chose the gift box called “Sunny Gift Box”. I did this both because I thought the products looked really nice, and then of course because it fits perfectly with the season, now that we are entering the brighter summer months (have you seen my post about sunscreen yet?). After I chose my box, I just had to send in a few documents as identification, and after that all I could do was sit back and wait for the box to arrive. 


Finally my “Sunny Gift Box” has arrived and as expected it is filled with delicious products

After a few days of waiting, my package from Honest Kiss finally arrived here a few days ago. It’s almost like Christmas Eve to get such an awesome gift box for free, so I, of course, tested the different products right away. I therefore quickly cleaned my face and put on a little moisturizer, so I was ready to go. And here is my review of the products that came in the gift box:


Product number 1 – Max Factor Radiant Lift Floating Foundation:

Practical information about the product’s content and function:

The product description from Honest Kiss states that this foundation provides a long-lasting hold together with a shiny glow. In addition, it is full of moisturizing ingredients and properties. Since it is called “Radiant Lift” I assume that it would also somehow do some tightening in the face, but I’m not quite sure.


My experience of the product as a whole and in relation to the description:

I have always seen Max Factor as a stable brand that delivers quality at a reasonable price. So this is not the first time I use products from there, but this exact foundation, I have not tried before. However, the application was easy and the result was a fine, medium covering layer. As they write in the description, I actually experienced that my face got a nice glowing radiance, which I was very pleasantly surprised by. It almost looked like I had gotten a little bit of sun. Yay!

Product number 2 – Waterproof Natural Bronzing Powder from Rimmel

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Practical information about the product’s content and function:

This bronzer is a solid powder in a nice round box with a transparent plastic lid. The lid is large, so it is easy to apply the product with any kind of brush. Honest Kiss also writes that minerals have been added for extra care for the skin, which I think is super nice.

My experience of the product as a whole and in relation to the description:

I pretty much always use bronzer as I love the beautiful glow it gives. And especially now that we are approaching summer, I just think it gives a nice extra summery feeling with glowing cheeks. So of course I was excited to try this bronzer to see if it gave the sunny feel that I go for.

Fortunately, the test was a success. The bronzer gives just exactly the amount of glow that I like. Not too much and not too little. It is also easy to apply, and even after several hours of use, everything was still completely in its place.


Product number 3 – Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara from L’Oreal

Practical information about the product’s content and function:

Honest Kiss writes about this mascara that it gives the illusion of many, long and full lashes. The way this works is through a special technology that goes in and covers each lash individually. The result should then be absolutely fantastic and separated lashes. In addition, the mascara is waterproof, so it should be able to withstand both a shower or a dip in the pool, if you should be lucky enough to get close to one of these.

My experience of the product as a whole and in relation to the description:

I have reasonably thin and short lashes, so I pretty much always go for a mascara that gives extra fullness and volume. Already at the first application I could clearly see a difference on the lashes. However, it is still not the absolute best mascara I have tried in terms of length and volume.

But as the name “Million Lashes” suggests, their primary focus is probably also especially to separate the lashes, so it gives the illusion of many individual lashes. And there I think this mascara hits the spot completely. After applying the mascara on one eye, I could really see a big difference compared to the other eye. I will say, my eyelashes really did double thanks to the formula in the mascara.

In addition, the mascara gives the lashes a nice curved shape that looks really pretty and natural. So if it is a more natural look with many lashes you are looking for, then I can definitely recommend you to try this mascara.


Product number 4 – Miracle Contouring Palette from Max Factor

Max Factor Miracle Contouring Palette

Practical information about the product’s content and function:

The product description from Honest Kiss states that the palette is designed to provide high definition with a minimal effort. The set contains 8 shades, which makes it fit all skin tones and easily blend into the skin.

My experience of the product as a whole and in relation to the description:

First of all, I think it’s super positive that there are so many different shades. This means that you can easily blend the colors together and get exactly the shade that suits your skin tone.

I have never done much in contouring, so I was very excited to try this palette off. However, I have seen quite a few videos of how to do it, so I felt I had a pretty good idea of ​​how to approach it. My first attempt also went very well and I think it could become a regular part of my makeup routine in the long run. At least I think it gave a really nice definition of my facial features, and the product was really easy to work with and apply in the right amounts. So I would probably rate this as a good starter set if you are considering throwing yourself into something similar.


Product number 5 – Lipfinity Lipstick from Max Factor

Practical information about the product’s content and function:

Honest Kiss writes about the product that Lipfinity is a long-lasting lipstick designed to give soft, vibrating lips in a matte look. The special formula also makes sure that the lipstick does not dry out the lips, even after long-term use.

My experience of the product as a whole and in relation to the description:

We have reached the last product in the gift box! Which was also the missing product I needed to have a completely finished look. I therefore excitedly applied the lipstick and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put on. It was also really easy to apply precisely without the use of lip liner or other aids. Finally, the color is really nice and summery, so it fits perfectly for a festive evening here in the summertime.


I applied the lipstick pretty early in the afternoon. But even after I ate dinner, it still looked exactly like it was supposed to. So far, this gives it top marks for both durability, color and easy application from me.


Overall rating of the gift box from Honest Kiss and value for money

My overall rating for this gift box is really positive. The 5 products are super good quality and its definitely good value for the money. This applies, of course, even if I had bought the products at the original price. By the way, you can find the gift box in one place on the Honest Kiss shop.


The very concept of giving a free gift box, that Honest Kiss has created, I also think works really well. It is obvious that one does not have a great risk associated with receiving a free product, but for me it sends a very positive signal about Honest Kiss that the products are well chosen and of good quality. In any case, it automatically makes me want to find out more about what Honest Kiss can offer in regards to other products.

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