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Honest Kiss – So Many Positive Surprises

I am always looking for the next shopping page that makes me happy and Honest Kiss really managed to surprise me recently! I stumbled across their website when I was looking for a new bronzer this time around. It turned out pretty quickly that I would come to love the rest! 

My first impression of Honest Kiss

When I entered the Honest Kiss website was I met by different varieties of bronzers, foundations, and concealers. I immediately thought it looked fresh and there was just enough on the website. I’m not very fond of online stores that have way too much on them, and where it takes an eternity to find a single product.

Sure, it’s good with a large selection, but if there are far too many things when I go shopping, I just get dizzy. I do not know if you’re like that too, but I feel that I leave the webshop many times just because I get tired. So often I go in, looking for something new to shop – maybe a dress or a new face cream – and I end up spending hours. And even worse is when websites do not have a good structure. Sometimes you just want what you are looking for quickly and feel satisfied right away!

So on to Honest Kiss.

Found my favorite bronzer!

They made it very easy for me to see if there was anything I wanted. I immediately found a favorite that I love from the brand Bourjois. The product was called Bourjois Box Round Blush. A little more color on the cheeks like in the summer is exactly what I love! Rouge does so much and I love Bourjois’ products because they last a long time and they come in a nice packaging. But back to where I was… I was looking for a bronzer. And that’s where it immediately became even more fun!

I found a bronzer that had a package with chocolate on it. I did not know if I wanted to buy the product or if I first wanted to run to the store and buy some chocolate! Yes, I love sweets. No matter if it’s summer or winter, I like to do a little touch-up and finish with a bronzer that makes my skin glow. That’s another reason why I love face masks too – I need that glow both with my bronzer and naturally. Also, when I travel I absolutely want one in my makeup bag. When I found my favorite blush and then a bronzer that made me crave chocolate, I was super happy that it was at a much cheaper price as well.

So the first impression of Honest Kiss was better than I expected. So on to the next surprise. 

Some of my makeup that I have at home

Found lots of goodies with a bit of everything

When I then looked further at what else was on the page, I found a little of everything. There were products from Clinique that I am also very fond of, as well as the Elizabeth Arden Lifting and Firming Foundation Ceramide. I love Elisabeth Arden’s products, and I think they are really great. The foundation almost feels like you are using a facial cream and it even comes in a package. Love it! I love that Honest Kiss has products that really appeal to me but that are also really good.

Furthermore, I took a look at makeup for the eyes and found another favorite – Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Volume Mascara. Estee Lauder’s mascaras give a really nice look and are easy to apply. Their brushes separate the lashes and there are even mascaras that highlight the eyes and do not smudge.

When I looked further, I found sweaters from Adidas, tops from Calvin Klein, and super nice Versace bags for almost half the price! Here, the price was only for those who had gift cards and immediately became curious about what it meant. So of course I had to check out what an Honest Kiss membership is all about!

Honest Kiss Club Membership

When I looked on the page for members, I got my next surprise. Here I saw that Honest Kiss has a membership that includes a lot of benefits. So that Versace bag I was talking about was not the only one that had almost a 50 percent discount! There are really nice watches on the website. Although the discounts on women’s watches are available without membership, there are men’s watches from brands such as Armani for half the price if you’re a member.

I immediately thought it would have been a perfect gift for Father’s Day or for my boyfriend. Although Honest Kiss has a lot for women, there are actually products for men as well. I found clothes for guys that were really nice!

When I then scrolled down the shop I found so much more! I already thought I found so much good stuff but then I saw all the things you get when you become a member. First, you get a welcome gift box with products of your choice, and then you get a gift card that you can buy for on the membership section each month. They have gift boxes with skincare products and lots of different makeup products. I never say no to gifts so this made me so happy! 

Surprises? Yes, please!

When you become a member, you also have the opportunity to take advantage of other offers. Honest Kiss has its own personal trainers and personal stylists that you can get at a discounted price. I like this a lot because I think it’s something new and different.

It turned out that I stayed on the website for quite some time, but there was just so much good to take a look at. And I did not feel at all tired of looking through all the offers and products. It was just one positive surprise after another. I really love their boxes too. They are so smart! I found one box with sports accessories and another with natural and organic products. The organic box had a candle, some oil, soap, and body cream. Feels so fresh. 

I would love to get help by a personal stylist at Honest Kiss

Donate to charity

When you become a member, you can use your gift card for exactly what you want and you also have an Honest Kiss & Me section which has exclusive products. The clothes you bought with your gift card can after 6 months be donated to a charity. For example, if you bought a shirt and do not want it anymore after 6 months, you can donate it. Then Honest Kiss will refund the money you paid for that product so that you can shop for something new instead. I thought this was such a good concept when I saw it. Just remember to keep the receipt that says you donated the product so that you can prove to Honest Kiss that you actually did it. 

It feels much more fun to shop from someone who also gives back and tries to be more sustainable. By doing that they immediately got many points from me. Something I also like is that they care about the environment. Instead of throwing away clothes that you do not use, they are reused. 

Once you have donated your piece of clothing, you must then send a receipt to Honest Kiss which will give you the money back in the form of a gift card. Then you can shop for the same amount that you bought, for example, your shirt for, and choose something else on the website. I really liked this so much!

My experience with Honest Kiss

I thought the website was so easy to use and everything was so simple. It also felt good that there was so much information on the website. I like it when it is as transparent as possible. I do not like when websites or companies omit information so you have to find out so much yourself. It is easy to see the prices and what you get for your money. It feels like you get even more when you become a member!

I have not yet decided on which Honest Kiss Gift Box I will get, so because of that, I have not signed up as a member yet. I just stumbled upon Honest Kiss recently but I definitely think I will become a member as soon as I can decide on which Gift Box to get. This is always the case when you have to get a membership somewhere, you wait and you look around before you decide. But from what I have seen so far, it feels very good. It’s always fun to receive some great products… And on top of that – FOR FREE! 

I cannot wait to get my own gift box

A company that seems to care

I think it’s actually really smart to become a member before you shop. If I am going to shop anyway I might as well become a member. There are only benefits to it the way I see it. I actually think that more webshops should have concepts like this and make it easier and more fun to shop. Especially the idea of donating a fashion item and later on get back the same amount you paid for it to shop for again. I have not seen many do this. It seems that they are really investing in making their customers happy and care about people and the environment in general.

A company that inspires others to do good is something that really appeals to me. But as I said, I will keep you updated and tell you more when I become a member. Now I just have to decide if I should go for a Maybelline Gift Box, a La Roche-Posay Gift Box, or a Nyx Gift Box… 

So that’s how my experience at Honest Kiss has been so far – and I have not even REALLY shopped yet. I think it can only get better from now on. I can’t wait to see what’s next.