Jewelry trends for fall/winter 2020

Sometimes I think less is more when accessorizing but this is not at all the case for this season! For fall and winter more is definitely the motto when it comes to accessorizing and especially jewelry! You don’t want to miss out on these top trends that I have gathered here for you! 

Hoops and chains

I absolutely love that this season is about mixing and matching! A chain necklace with a pair of gorgeous hoops? That sounds like the perfect combination of jewelry to me

Hoop earrings go so well with all types of outfits and by adding a chain necklace you have a very chic look that you can rock anywhere and at any time of the day. 

This great combo also gives you the option of being a bit more traditional with either gold or silver. Or if you prefer to add some extra color to your outfit you could also choose some hoops in different materials and colors. That’ll work like a charm!  

I love that this combo goes well for both an evening look and for the office. Personally, I would match a simple black dress with gold earrings and hoops, that is so my style. I’d wear that both to the office and for dinner out with my girlfriends! 

You can also go crazy with the size of the chains and the hoops! If you really feel like making a statement go for a real chunky chain and larger hoops in your ears. You’ll without a doubt draw attention to yourself with these pieces of jewelry, you can also use these accessories.  

Pearls for us girls

Pearls never go out of fashion! But they are extra popular right now and I love this trend. I’m a huge fan of pearls in all forms. I know some people feel they are only for older ladies but I completely disagree. 

Pearls are for everyone! It’s another example of a great piece of jewelry that you can match with any outfit. 

What is also great with pearls is that you can use them on every item of jewelry – necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings.

But this season you should definitely opt for a bit more interesting shapes on the pearls, not only the standard pearl necklace. Gold accessories together with pearls make a great accessory this fall. 

Mixed metal jewelry 

Another trend that I absolutely love is that you can mix different metals this season. Gold and silver together are one of my favorite combinations. But it’s not often you see this is a huge trend on the catwalk so I’m ecstatic about this.

If you can’t decide which one of the metals you prefer in your jewelry this is what you should go for this fall and winter! What I will probably go for is a big chain with both silver and gold! That will be killing two birds with one stone! Pairing this piece of jewelry with a dress in a popping color is a great tip!

Whatever trend you chose to follow jewelry is a great way to accessorize!