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Inspiration for new sunglasses? 3 styles for you!

You could always use a new pair of sunglasses, can’t you? You can never have too many! It’s a wonderful accessory, so better have one pair for each outfit, right? I hope I can give you some inspiration for a new pair of sunglasses and will go through 3 different styles! 

Sunglasses to be as colorful as possible

Marc Jacobs colorful sunglassesI love this trend! It’s all about colors this year. The crazier the better. As you can see in my post about the 2000s, it comes as an inspiration from that decade! It can be in any color, so just get one in each color! It will be easier to match with your outfits!

If you really wanna follow the fashion, the lenses should be transparent and in geometric shapes as well. Not the best protection, but then you are really trendy! Not only the lenses but also the temples. So find these see-through colored glasses in whatever shape you like and you’ll fit right in! I personally like these ones from Marc Jacobs with violet round lenses! The shades of violet in the lenses differ with very cool tortoise temples as cool 90s touch! 

The 70s sunglasses are back! 

Rayban square sunglassesThis year the big hit is also the 70s. That is reflected both in clothes fashion as well as in the trends for sunglasses. The motto is “Go big or go home” and that’s exactly what you should go for. The bigger sunglasses the better!

When wearing these shades, and at least some should turn their heads looking at you. The 70s sunglasses will give you attention! Be bold and stand out! 

The sunglasses stand out by being large and square – preferably way too oversized for your face. The look you should go for is retro. You could either go with the big thick glasses, pastel-colored or classic brown. But again, most importantly go for the big lenses. 

Ray-Ban, for example, has made some really cool ones, as you can see in the picture. They are with a big square and brown lenses, thin temples and a gold frame!

Go with the safe choice – Aviator never goes out of style

Sunglasses inspiration - aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are an old classic and will just never get out of style. They were originally developed for pilots to protect their eyes while flying at high speeds. I think most people also associate these types of shades with Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun. 

The nice thing about the aviator glasses is that they are so generic that they fit most people and most outfits. So if you want to place safe and don’t dare to be too bold, you can always just go with these classics. Also because you can still get them all sort of colors – both the lenses and the temples!

I have 2 pairs myself. One all classic Ray-Ban with browns lenses and gold temples, and then one pair with silver mirror lenses. Ray-Ban are the ones that design the proper aviator, you can see Ray-Ban’s own selection here. However, a lot of other brands also produce this style.