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Accessories that will spice up any outfit! Get 4 tips here!

Do you own enough accessories? Are you using it enough? You should! Accessories can really spice up that boring outfit! You can even change your whole appearance by wearing the right accessories for your outfit! Be bold, be creative! I’ll list down 4 items, that can be a game changer for your looks! 

Sunglasses make the best accessories for any outfit! 

Woman with colored sunglasses as accessoriesIt’s true. Sunglasses are just the best accessories for your outfit. Sunglasses can not only spice up any outfit, but really change your appearance. If you have a bad hair day, wear some sunglasses and nobody will even notice! I never wear sunglasses in the winter though, so it is maybe a bit season-determined accessories! So I just love when we can start wearing shades! My top favorite accessories. And be bold about them! Try different styles, colours, glasses and so on. As you can read in my previous article, that colored sunglasses are in again. So pick your colour and go with the crowd! 

The right shoes nail the outfit 

When you put on an outfit, always think about your shoes! The accessories that are often forgotten! Your shoes can really make the difference. Of course, if you are already wearing something with a lot of details, colours or something else, you might not need more attention. Though, if you are wearing that simple black dress or some old jeans and a T-shirt, you can spice your outfit up with a funky pair of shoes! Choose some heels in a bright colour, or wear some bold leather boots. You can decide what look you want to go for. Imagine the difference if you wear a nice short dress and either heels, sneakers or some over the knee boots? You see, same dress, but 3 completely different looks. 

Get classy and put a watch on your wrist 

Okay, a watch doesn’t necessarily mean class. Though, you can choose what sort of appearance you want to go for. It does show some sort of style and class and can even show some professionalism. It of course depends on what sort of watch you go for, but match it with your outfit. What do you want to appeal? Class, formal, casual, wealthy? Allow yourself to have many watches in your accessories bag and match your outfit with the right one! If you want to be trendy at the same time, you can take a look at the watch fashion for 2020 here

No accessories without jewellery

A lot of jewellery

We can’t talk about accessories without talking about jewellery. It’s like an outfit lacks something if there is no jewellery at all. So from my point of view – go all in! Necklaces, big earrings and a lot of rings. Don’t be shy! Put some shine on with some big rocks, or tone it more down with discrete jewellery. No matter what, it makes the difference. Again, if you are wearing a simple cocktail dress or the little black dress, you can really spice your look up with the right jewellery. 


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