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March 14th 2014

I've been doodling with Apophysis again today to mix things up a bit and the first one is called "Time" for pretty obvious reasons (well it looks like a clock to me :-D). The second of todays additions is called "Worlds Within" as it made me think of sub-atomic particles and infinity and stuff - probably because I watched Cosmos last night and that can lead to some very strange thinking.

March 13th 2014

I got the idea for "On a Clear Day" from a photograph I saw somewhere on the interwebs and I just liked the sheer clarity. "The Visitor" came about when I was wondering if alien races would be as obsessed as we are with the thought of other alien species that may be "out there", or whether it's just a human thing.

March 12th 2014

"We're all off to Lupin Land" started as an experiment to see how flowers would look as trees and I quite liked the result. "Flying High Again" is all about the shadows, great long ones across the forest.

March 12th 2014

I finally managed to scrape the money together for new and better CPU and motherboard for my PC and so I'm back in the saddle again with an overclocked i7 4770K, which renders a lot faster than the i5 2500K that sadly died. With so much time wasted it's time to do some rendering. First up is "Desert Springs", a nice simple refresher as it's my first render in months.

August 2nd 2013

It's been too hot for running my CPU flat out but I have managed a couple of new ones. The first is called "Dagon" and is inspired by Oblivion, the role playing game by Bethesda and the second is "Lover's Leap" purely because of the precipitous drop that developed as a happy accident.

June 5th 2013

Events conspired to keep me off the computer and off line for a while but I'm back with five new wallpapers to add to the collection. There are a couple of scapers titled "In the Light" and "Lazy Afternoon" plus three fractals "Cellular" for those who like orange, "Saturation Point" for those who prefer blue and "Spiral Architect" has a bit of everything. More soon....

February 21st 2013

A bit of a late start but the first wallpaper of 2013 is finally up. Still, better late than never as they say, so "Dream On" is now in the gallery and is available in all single screen sizes

December 22nd 2012

"Winter's Night" makes it into the gallery before I head off to spend the holidays with family. I was tempted to add Santa's sleigh silhouetted against the moon but decided that it limited it to being used at Christmas, so we got a big gliding owly type bird instead. Merry Christmas or whichever holiday you are celebrating at this time of the year and have a great 2013.

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