Technology And Gaming As Observed From A Different Perspective

The number of studies and documents detailing the effects of tech/gaming to the human body and brain are simply astounding. It is, however, a surprise that very few people have actually taken the time to look at the coin from its other side. The rampant use of technology, especially within the gaming community has also been found to have a significant number of advantages. Since every story has two sides, let’s take the opportunity to tell the side of this story overlooked by many scientists and medical professionals.

One of the rather shocking benefits that indulging in gaming has had on individuals would be improved concertation. Gaming has been used a therapeutic tool to help rehabilitate children with dyslexia, attention deficiency disorder (ADD) and those that generally have concentration issues. This is due to the fact that most games have a constantly changing environment that offers mystery and intrigue. This means that both children and adults playing the games need to be fully immersed and this boosts their overall level of concertation and attention to detail. It is also a very useful tool when it comes to reducing the toll of autism on the human body especially in developing children.

Technology has been blamed for the fact that social interactions and vocal exchanges have gone down. Gaming, however, has been found to be the relative counter to this. Many online multiplayer games require the aspect of speech interactions to get the job done. This means that people build up trust slowly before becoming fully confident with each other and trading words over the internet as they play. This generally leads to improved social skills and teamwork. Studies have shown that people who do well in multiplayer based games have been known to become the cornerstones of many teams, either socially or in the workplace.

Gaming is also one tool that psychiatrists have prescribed to patients to help them with relief of various types of pain. The simple aspect that the game takes over the attention of the individual means that it, in turn, distracts them from other things around them like emotional or physical pain. It is also a tool that proves quite useful in stress relief. A study conducted in different neighborhoods brought about the conclusions that homes, where gaming was allowed, had fewer cases of depressed teenagers than those where they were banned.

The use of tech daily, more so in the cases where it is utilized in role player games has had an advantageous effect on the hand-eye coordination of individuals. This makes them more productive in their workplaces, at school and even out in the field during several tasks. Decision making has also improved for such individuals since the games usually require them to make split second decisions. This makes their performance under pressure better than that of their counterparts. The notion that technology has killed creativity is flawed. Playing games usually call upon the individual to have some out of the box thinking in order to advance through the various levels. This essentially improves the creativity of players.

What most people fail to realize is that a large number of games usually have a collection of life lessons. For the smart individuals, liking these lessons to everyday tasks is rather simple. Gamming thus provides people with a better way to strategize in life. When two people are set to solve a problem, the one individual that indulges in gaming is more likely to produce a sound strategy faster and with the fewest of tries. This means that with the integration of gaming technology into society, future leaders are made that will be able to solve the current problems like hunger, world peace and global warming better. The lessons gotten from playing technology based games may seem obscene, but that may be exactly the kind of reasoning required to see the human species through the next three centuries.

Nothing is taken away from the studies that discredit gaming in this article, it is however better to know both sides of any story so as to make a sound and reasonable judgment. Gaming may be disastrous in an uncontrolled environment but the use of tech in a controlled setting, especially in the case of children, can produce a rather good number of positive impacts.

What Is The Best Gaming Computer For You?

Finding the best gaming computer is not an easy task because there really isn’t one. If you want the best gaming computer for you the best thing for you to do is have one custom built for you and your needs. There are a few things that a custom built gaming computer will need. You will need everything from high-powered graphics card and a great sound card to a monitor and speakers that can handle all the Tech/gaming.

The most common must have feature for a gaming computer is high-powered graphics; most newer games need to have higher graphics than older computers can provide. If you play a lot of games with great graphics on a computer that was not made to handle the higher graphic requirements you may as well not be playing them at all. You may notice that the game freezes for very short periods of time to let your computer catch up with the graphics. This means that you need a better computer for that type of game.

The CPU is probably the most important thing to think about when you are building the perfect gaming computer. There are two companies that are best at making supreme processors, AMD and Intel. You will find that in most computers there is either one or the other company’s chips. They have both come out with extremely good processors that are made to take on the highest graphics on the market.

Now that we have talked about the CPU we also need to discuss the memory (RAM) – after all the two go hand in hand. If you do not have the support of good memory you can guarantee you will not get the best out of your CPU. The fastest RAM speed you can get is DDR2 1066MHz, however it is not recommended that you get this speed because there are not many motherboards that will support it. The best RAM to get has the speed of DDR2 800MHz. With most new motherboards you can have up to 4 GBs of RAM.

For the ultimate gaming computer you will need to have awesome graphic and sound cards. You should have at the very least a PCI-Express 512MB GDDR3 SLI that is already crossfire prepared. With the sound card you may be thinking that you really do not need one because your motherboard is already equipped. You need to have that sound card for the ultimate gaming computer. Otherwise you will not get the best sound possible.